HVAC / Refrigeration

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Heating and air conditioning are critical to indoor comfort, at home and at work. Gary Deer Jr. specializes in custom support of your HVAC system, from basic repairs to complete installation of new systems.

Don’t be fooled by mega-companies who spend your hard-earned dollars on their massive advertising campaigns. For more than 30 years, Gary Deer Jr. has been serving and supporting all types of HVAC systems including heat pumps, hot-water boilers, standard forced-air, and more.

Commercial Food Preparation Tables

preptableFrom pizza places to sub shops, cooling tables are vital to your business running smoothly! Getting them repaired when they go down can be tough, but don’t sweat it – we can help.

Call us today to evaluate your prep table’s cooling system and make sure it’s working properly and efficiently.

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Automotive A/C Test and Recharge

If your car air conditioning isn’t cooling like it used to, it may be caused by several things ranging from low Freon to a blown fuse. We can help! We can test your car’s A/C right in your own driveway.

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