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Gary Deer & Sons – the late Gary Sr, with sons Gary Jr. and Gery in 2015.

Gary Deer Sr. started his sawdust and bedding company back in 1962. For more than half a century Gary Deer & Sons has provided the southwest-central region of Ohio with the highest quality bedding and shavings. Gary Sr. retired in 2014 and sadly passed away in July of 2020 from Parkinson’s disease. (Read his memorial story here.)

128897442_10158592929349342_2102804216500643142_nToday, Gary Jr. manages the business still maintaining the same supply resources and delivering to the top dairies, stables, and farms in the region.

Whether you are boarding high-dollar equestrians or the family 4-H livestock, the health and cleanliness of your animals should be of utmost importance. Air quality in the stall and absorbency in the bedding are greatly improved with Gary Deer & Sons’ clean sawdust for bedding and footing.

97185471_10158015065414342_7633031984578560000_nWe never use kiln-dried or granular sawdust and you can rest assured that no varnishes, walnut, or cherry shavings will be found in our materials. We can provide a standard grain dump or live bottom delivery. Let us know your requirements.

Vehicles are for private use only, not for hire.

Gary Deer Jr, owner/operator Gary Deer & Sons - Bedding and Ag Products.
Gary Deer Jr, owner/operator Gary Deer & Sons – Bedding and Ag Products.

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