A/C problem may be in your set; your TV set, that is!

IMG_6201If your air conditioner is running constantly, freezing you out of your home and driving up your energy costs, the problem may not be in your thermostat or A/C unit, but in your television set!

Placement of heat-producing appliances near thermostats can affect how your heating and cooling system functions. Besides the refrigerator or a dehumidifier, few devices give off quite as much heat as an LCD, flat-panel television set. If you’re having trouble getting your air conditioner to shut off, check the placement of your flat screen in relation to the thermostat. If the heat from the TV is reaching the sensor, it’s likely to keep the unit active for longer periods because, as far as it’s concerned, the temperature in the room is still too warm.

Before you call some big-box HVAC company and spend hundreds on a service call, try moving your TV! If that works, you can permanently relocate it or call us  (937-768-2623) to have your thermostat relocated – if possible – and that may solve your problem.